Marketing Strategies – Conventional and Digital

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Liliana Carrillo Centro Cultural Barco de Papel

The Queens Chamber of Commerce joined forces with Centro Cultural Barco de Papel on Monday, April 18th and 25th, to present a seminar dedicated to small business owners, led by marketing specialist, Liliana Carrillo.

Carrillo elucidated all attendees on practical ideas that can be implemented by small businesses to motivate their clients to purchase their products.

The seminar was a two-day affair. The first part of the seminar focused on the use of digital marketing tools, such as social media and the Internet domain, which help small businesses amplify or make their online presence gain more prominence. Attendees learned how to maximize their social presence by publishing appropriate content, as well as how to use existing platforms to promote their businesses and capture more clientele. The second part of the seminar was a discussion of conventional marketing strategies. Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

The seminar was organized by the Queens Chambers of Commerce, a 100 year old non-profit organization dedicated to boost economic development and business growth in the borough of Queens by providing training, support, interchange of ideas and business assistance.

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