Storytelling, theory and practice

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Translator and writer Miguel Falquez-Certain gave a hands-on workshop about storytelling in Barco de Papel, during the summer of 2013. It consisted of an intensive exploration of the elements that form the modern art of storytelling like the plot, personages, characterization, conflict, point of view, dialogues, exposition, description, narration, planing of scenery, climax, outcome, first paragraphs and satisfactory ends. In total there were 10 sessions each one of two and half hours.

Instructor and trainees read and analyzed old narrative like the Genesis, the Popol Vuh and Arabian Nights, as well as authors such as Aesop, Chaucer, Boccaccio, Matteo Bandelio, Cervantes, Grimm and the poetic of Aristoteles.

The worksop then focused in modern storytelling selected by historical order starting with Poe, Hawthorne, Gógol, De Maupassant y Chéjov in the XIX century. O. Henry, Anderson, Joyce, Mansfield, Borges, Carpentier, Quiroga, Lawrence, Kafka, Mann, Hemingway, Faulkner, Hernández, Sartre, Narayan, Bosch, Onetti, Welty, Camus, O’Connor, Rulfo, Cortázar, Jackson, Salinger, Fuentes, García Márquez, Ribeyro, Monterroso, Lispector, Mishima, Barthelme, Donoso , Vargas Llosa and Carver in the XX century. Finally Coraghessan Boyle, Kureishi, Senel Paz, Ana Lydia Vega and Daniel Alarcón in the XXI century.

Each participant wrote and shared a story. The workshop encouraged the interchange of opinions, concepts and suggestions among each other.

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