Our proven commitment to disseminate the culture, literature and arts of Latin America in New York City as a way to strengthen and foster the identity of Latin Americans is t

our best presentation for our organization. The extensive number of cultural programs offered at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel have cemented a reputation for quality community programming. Our tireless work has been possible thanks to the dedication, support and help from people like you. You, reader, are part of the community we are serving.

You can also be part of our team. Barco de Papel has become a recognized name in the community because we received help from teachers, artists, actors, writers, and numerous volunteers. There are so many ways you can contribute. See below how you can be of utmost help to Centro Cultural Barco de Papel.



Get involved by bestowing a tax-free donation. We need your support! Although we have the help of volunteers, we have fixed costs like rent, utilities and services to guarantee this community space for everyone. Economic forces have thrown a wrench in our operating budget and will face many challenges without your support. Help us continue our work in 2016!



Offer your time in any capacity you can by participating as a volunteer. If you are an artist, writer, teacher, actor, writer, photographer, videographer or blogger we need your help! If you love books, art and Latin culture you are welcome to help us. There are many ways you can contribute.


Donate your books

Give your books a new life by allowing others to enjoy them as much as you as you did. In doing so, you help support our programs of cultural diffusion that we provide in New York City. Donate your used books.