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Cultural project Stay at home

Barco de Papel Bookstore and Barco de Papel Cultural Center are organizing two open competitions: We all are New York, short stories and emotional drawings. These contests allow you to share your experience during confinement by a drawing, the testimonial expression of your experiences and / or the writing of a short story on the subject: New York during the pandemic. ...

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Latest Presentations and Activities

Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli

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Behind the Mask– Art workshop by Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli who on October 22, 2021, taught  about creative recycling through innovative, functional and convenient art. This event highlighted the use of recycling; increasingly important... READ MORE

Mirla Pereira

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Barco de Papel Cultural Center hosted the theatrical proposal of “El Despertar del Bosque“, an interesting play still on the works, with a high sound and visual impact. It uses acting and music... READ MORE

Gloria Arredondo

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Mexican-American writer Gloria Arredondo presented her most recent book Fases Lunares de Glo (Moon Phases of Glo). She said her most recent book is a kind of farewell to a cycle of her life. “After... READ MORE

Gonzalo Hernandez

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  Singer-songwriter Gonzalo Hernandez took us to a musical journey in guitar and singing that covered the world of peasant tunings and songs belonging to the popular culture and folk tradition of Chile at Centro... READ MORE

Rafael Urrea

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Official launch of the book El Kaleidoscopio de Venus, Poemas de Tránsfer Cinema by Colombian poet and screenwriter Rafael Urrea. His work is a book made up of poems and personal visions of... READ MORE

Huascar Robles

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Barco de Papel presented the work of Puerto Rican photographer and journalist Huáscar Robles, with a special intervention by journalists Ileán Pérez Cruz and Carmen Graciela Díaz. The author analyzed the challenges Haiti... READ MORE

Diego Cristian Saldana

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Centro Cultural Barco de Papel presented the wining work or the National Young Novel Award “José Revueltas” (Mexico 2019) by the musician and writer Diego Cristian Saldaña (1990) in New York on January... READ MORE

Things I’ll Never Tell You

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The Mujeristas’ Collective presented at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center its third printed publication with the open microphone “Things that I will never tell you” on Saturday, December 14, 2019. The open... READ MORE