Mirla Pereira

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Mirla Pereira

Barco de Papel Cultural Center hosted the theatrical proposal of “El Despertar del Bosque“, an interesting play still on the works, with a high sound and visual impact. It uses acting and music to immerse the viewers in an alternative experience.

Produced by Inanna Theater, this proposal was created by the actress Mirla Pereira, after an artistic internship at the Odin Teatret in Denmark, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ikarus Stage Arts Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium group and where her personal exploration through the different forms of expression in theater, dance, rhythms and visual arts was born.

El Despertar del Bosque (The Awakening of the Forest)” is raised from a vision of the Immersive Theater designed for an unconventional space; in this setting, the play tells the fantastic story of a tree, which from its pain invites us to take care of it as well as to all trees on our planet.

Musician Gonzalo Hernández and actress Mirla Pereira

The actress Mirla Pereira and the musician Gonzalo Hernández bring this work to life. The story in “El Despertar del Bosque” is a journey that covers ecology, art, sustainability and caring for nature.

Gonzalo Hernandez

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Singer-songwriter Gonzalo Hernandez took us to a musical journey in guitar and singing that covered the world of peasant tunings and songs belonging to the popular culture and folk tradition of Chile at Centro Cultural Barco de Pape.  The musician called this musical work ‘Guitarra Entrópica‘ (Entropic Guitar) which he defines as a journey through different creations, traditional songs and some musical experiments that have their origin in the different ways in which a guitar can be tuned. This event was possible thanks to Inanna Theater Productions.

Gonzalo Hernández is a Chilean musician, singer, composer, actor and narrator, Bachelor of Arts with musical mention from the University of Chile. He was part of Triskel Performing Arts directed by Carolina Pizarro between 2008-2017 as a musician in the show “Pajaristico” and as Narrator in five performances with Triskel Cuentos. He has been involved in projects in multiple theater companies, performing at the most important theater festivals in Chile and touring the country in order to present art to small communities. He is founder and member of Ikarus Stage Art since 2017, as well as its musical director.

La Chiva Periodistica promotes Barranquilla’s Carnival

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La Chiva Periodística promoted for the World the Barranquilla’s Carnival at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center with the sponsorship of the Queens Chamber of Commerce on Friday, August 2, 2019

The “Chiva Periodística” is a folkloric organization that brings together artists and journalists dedicated to spreading throughout the world the culture of  Colombian’s Atlantic region. It is an initiative that makes this Colombian regional culture visible.

This folkloric organization has actively participated in the Barranquilla Carnival for 23 years and promotes “Barranquilla Carnival for the World” by appearing before UNESCO in Paris and other European cities such as Berlin (Germany), Madrid and Seville (Spain),  Viña del Mar (Chile) and at the Calle 8 Carnival in Miami.

On this occasion they join the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia and will promote the rhythm of Cumbia as one of the cultural treasures of Colombia, the event at the Barco de Papel Cultural Center included  a talk, music and dance, and was presented by Karla Florez, Cultural manager.

Queens Borough Bounce Series

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The Queens Borough Bounce series kicked off on Sunday 7 2019 with a musical caravan making stops in Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Corona. The Sonicycle in action  mapped the sites, sounds, and memories of neighborhoods and communities along the historic MTA 7 train line.

Los Herederos  partnered with Names You Can Trust and Radio Mixticius for a live broadcast from one of the world’s most diverse acoustic environments. DJ Little Dynasty spun  beats from Bhangra and Bollywood to Bachata, Boleros and Cumbia. People who brought their own vinyl and song requests learned about this cutting edge Mean Green Dancing Machine.

Artist, DJ, activist, long time residents or new to block, business owners, community leaders were invited to share the sounds, smells and sensory experiences associated with home.  Some participants joined the group on the bicycle ride that included stops in Diversity Plaza, Librería Barco de Papel or Park of the Americas.

Queens Borough Bounces was filmed and documented via a variety of audiovisual capabilities. All content contributed to the creation of a Queens Sonic Memory Map forthcoming via the www.losherederos.org.

Celebrating the Month of Love: ‘Samy la Voz Hispana’ and Ruben Isola

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Samy e Isola Barco de Papel NY

Two musically gifted artists from the local scene united their talents to provide an entertaining musical evening on February 27, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel in celebration of the Month of Love and Friendship.

“Samy, the Hispanic Voice” renowned entertainer, emcee and singer partnered with guitarist and percussionist Ruben Isola, offering a pleasant cultural evening filled with music and musical anecdotes. From his early days as  singer and host in radio stations and concerts at his native Colombia to his days as a well know master of ceremonies of the local clubs of Jackson Heights during their ‘golden era’, Samy complemented his songs with funny anecdotes of his experiences and interaction with artist luminaries of Latin America. Sammy sang traditional love boleros and ballads, with the musical arrangements of Isola, who played acoustical guitar, electric guitar and requinto.


Jesus Alvarez presents his ‘Kaja Chu” (Cu)

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Jesus Alvarez and Katherine Lacey presenting the Kaja Chu
Jesus Alvarez and Katherine Lacey presenting the Kaja Chu

Cuban musician Jesús Álvarez, a proud promoter of Changüi, Nengones, Regina y Kiribá, ancient musical genres of his homeland in eastern Cuba, interpreted these rhythms in a warm soirée at Centro Cultural Barco de Papel on Friday, November 20. The main motive for the musical gathering was the presentation of his musical instrument, who he fondly named “Kaja Chu”, which is a take of the Cuban marimbula.