Mirla Pereira

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Mirla Pereira

Barco de Papel Cultural Center hosted the theatrical proposal of “El Despertar del Bosque“, an interesting play still on the works, with a high sound and visual impact. It uses acting and music to immerse the viewers in an alternative experience.

Produced by Inanna Theater, this proposal was created by the actress Mirla Pereira, after an artistic internship at the Odin Teatret in Denmark, where she had the opportunity to collaborate with the Ikarus Stage Arts Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium group and where her personal exploration through the different forms of expression in theater, dance, rhythms and visual arts was born.

El Despertar del Bosque (The Awakening of the Forest)” is raised from a vision of the Immersive Theater designed for an unconventional space; in this setting, the play tells the fantastic story of a tree, which from its pain invites us to take care of it as well as to all trees on our planet.

Musician Gonzalo Hernández and actress Mirla Pereira

The actress Mirla Pereira and the musician Gonzalo Hernández bring this work to life. The story in “El Despertar del Bosque” is a journey that covers ecology, art, sustainability and caring for nature.

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