Juan Jimenez – Identity in the Neighborhood

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Barco de Papel Cultural Center welcomed the Mural Project: “Identity in the Neighborhood”. With this second mural season, named “Identity in the Neighborhood”, Centro Cultural Barco de Papel explores artistic expressions as part or our cultural contribution to arts in … Continued

Encounters and departures

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A love letter to Jackson Heights – By Diana Bejarano and Luis Henao Uribe In the event Encounters and departures visual artist Diana Bejarano and writer Luis Henao Uribe presented a “facsimile” that combines portraits and texts of Jackson Heights. … Continued

Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli

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Behind the Mask– Art workshop by Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli who on October 22, 2021, taught  about creative recycling through innovative, functional and convenient art. This event highlighted the use of recycling; increasingly important in our society for the conservation of … Continued

Wandering Art and Library

Elmhurst, NY-Centro Cultural Barco de Papel presented the “Wandering Art and Library” project that traveled the streets of Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, and Corona, Queens. “Cities are places of barter, not just merchandise, but also of words, wishes and memories.”—Italo Calvino Sponsored by … Continued

Artisanal book making for Christmas

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Centro Cultural Barco de Papel and the organization Cartonera Intercultural offered their last children’s activity for the year on December 12, 2015. This Sesión Cartonera Navideña, or Christmas cardboard workshop, children painted their own hand-made books guided by writer and artist Joyce Sanchez Espinoza, with … Continued

Artisan hand-made books workshop

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Ivan Vergara (Mexico 1979) lives in Sevilla, Spain, where he explores different artistic manifestations, He is a poet, musician, editor and cultural promoter. There, he has carved a niche as cultural director for the Plataform for Chilango-Andalusians Artists (PLATE), a project … Continued

Origami workshop

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  Among the numerous family activities, Barco de Papel presented an origami workshop for children and adults. Instructed by James Jonas Hamilton, who is also a teacher, attendees built paper figurines of different colors under his guidance.