Day of the Dead. ‘Catrina’ Makeup Workshop

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“Las Catrinas en Movimiento”. is a group of Latin American women residing in the borough of Queens in New York City; its members promote cultural traditions, art and health through exercise and commitment to their community.

The image of Catrina is becoming a Mexican quintessential image about death, it is increasingly common to see embodied as part of Day of the Dead celebrations throughout the whole country, it  has even crossed the two-dimensional image and has become a source for creating crafts, either clay or other materials, which depending on the region may vary slightly in their clothing and even its famous hat.

It was the Mexican artist Diego Rivera that set the fashion trend with his signature outfit, which included a feather stole, when he painted it in his mural :Dream of a Sunday Afternoon” in Alameda Park in Mexico City, where the skull appears as a companion to its creator, Jose Guadalupe Posada. It was the Muralist who called it Catrina”, the name that was later popularized, thereby making it a character in the culture of Mexico.


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