Artisanal book making for Christmas

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Centro Cultural Barco de Papel and the organization Cartonera Intercultural offered their last children’s activity for the year on December 12, 2015. This Sesión Cartonera Navideña, or Christmas cardboard workshop, children painted their own hand-made books guided by writer and artist Joyce Sanchez Espinoza, with community leader Gabriela Caycedo and poet Leonel Riera Ponce. Using paint, rulers and construction paper, children invented their own designs on the covers of recycled cardboard to encase the books they were gifted. The text contained a children’s story named “The Birdman, Waranka Llimpi,” which is written in English, Spanish and Kichwa, a character created by Sanchez. The book was written in three languages in order to address the intercultural reality that current generations of children live simultaneously in several language communities.

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Sesion Cartonera Barco de Papel

Joyce Sanchez EspinosaJoyce Sanchez Espinosa

Born in Queens, NYC, she studied intercultural pedagogy in the Linköping University of Sweden. She is a socially committed artist, founder of Editorial Cartonera Intercultural, a laboratory of social art practices that approaches cultural diversity through visual arts and literature. Joyce is author of the short story “El hombre pajaro”  The Birdman, Waranka Llimpi, a bilingual story with a multicultural focus in literature using the culture and aboriginal language of Ecuador. 

Joyce is a member of the United States  Books by Youngsters USBBY, the International Visual Psychology Association and the National Association of Art Educators NAEA.

Leonel Riera PonceLeonel Riera Ponce

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador, he lives in Brooklyn. An enthusiastic writer who is also socially compromised, he has published his poems in several fanzines and local newspapers of New York. He shares his poetry on a regular basis at Open Mic sessions around Gotham City. He would love to meet you at any of those events.

Gabriela CaicedoGabriela Caicedo

Gabriela is affectionately known as Gaviota Warmi. She will gladly tell you the meaning of her nickname. Gaviota was born in Quito, Ecuador and lives in New York, where she found her niche as a community worker focusing on bilingual education and intercultural themes. Gaviota works with Casa Ecuatoriana and is a dear member of the Cartonera. She is studying her master’s degree in Bilingual Education at Hunter College.


La Cartonera Intercultural

La Cartonera Intercultural/ Intercultural Cardboard Press, Lab for Social Art Practices was created in Ecuador in 2010. It is a social art initiative and creative space for the community. As an interdisciplinary art platform we approach intercultural issues from a visual and the literary arts lens. Each of our art projects is conducted as an art-based research project that allows us to understand our work and assures the continuity of it as well as, enabling us to share our experiences with our peers. La Cartonera Intercultural has published several books, and as a community art lab holds performances such as Art Only for Dyslexics and Symbology of Interculturalism, cartonera sessions, storytelling, reading and writing workshops for children, young people and adults.

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