Artisan hand-made books workshop

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Ivan Vergara (Mexico 1979) lives in Sevilla, Spain, where he explores different artistic manifestations, He is a poet, musician, editor and cultural promoter. There, he has carved a niche as cultural director for the Plataform for Chilango-Andalusians Artists (PLATE), a project that spreads Mexican and Spanish culture, creating bridges that connect artists from both sides of the Atlantic by cultural events, mainly poetry readings. There is also interaction with other arts such as painting, performance, visual development, visual installations, photography, theater, etc.  Editorial Ultramarina C&D is his last project with a peculiar philosophy.

The project focuses in building hand made books. For the cover they use recycled cardboard, a material they “hunt” in the trash of the big cities. After it is cut, each cover is individually illustrated and glued to the book sheets. It is hand made process of hours that combines art and writing. He came to New York to spread his work and Barco de Papel provided an ideal background for teaching his techniques.

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