Botero for Latino Children

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El músico Jairo Marín deleita a los asistentes con sus canciones para niños.
Musician Jairo Marín.

Niños participantes en el taller sobre Botero.

Librería Barco de Papel and the program La Hora del Cuento en Queens presented a workshop to introduce children didactically in the world of the famous painter, draftsman and Colombian sculptor.

Small three to nine years enjoyed the unique creations of Fernando Botero, known for robust prints and exaggerated human forms and objects. The workshop was hosted by the teacher Paula Ortiz Barco de Papel, who with musician Jairo Marin, introduced through games and music, group dynamics and individual sculptures of this artist, who can be seen in New York in the building Times Warner Center.







Publicado en El Correo de Queens
Publicado en El Correo de Queens
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Publicado en el Daily News

Botero Cartel

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