Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli

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Behind the Mask– Art workshop by Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli who on October 22, 2021, taught  about creative recycling through innovative, functional and convenient art. This event highlighted the use of recycling; increasingly important in our society for the conservation of the environment. Recycling as an art technique offers new alternatives within the field of modern art as well as the opportunity to develop the imagination and collaborate with the environment.

Cowboy Hat, 2017, Elephant grass straws and fabric Boater Hat, 2017, Raffia, coconut materials, and fabric Purse, 2001, Elephant grass, coconut materials, and fabric Briefcase, 2017 Elephant grass straws, mahogany seed shells, and fabric.

Okechukwu Okegrass Ofiaeli is an artist, educator, and environmentalist, whose entrepreneurial project Waste to Wealth (1980s-present) leverages the power of collective art making to provide eco-friendly alternatives for making money off the land. The project came into being as a response to the practice of bush burning, which has devastated many parts of Nigeria, depriving the soil of nutrients and causing mass erosion.

The artist began using his art to fight his immediate family’s poverty and the problems associated with his hometown of Nanka Valley, Nigeria, noted for its devastating contours of ravine erosion.

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