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Omira Bellizzio NYBarco de Papel Cultural Center presented the workshop “El cuenta cuentos como mediador de lectura (The storyteller as a reader)” by Venezuelan Omira Bellizzio Poyer. A foundation basis workshop where participants learned to cultivate a love of Latin American literature in children and adolescents through storytelling and reading techniques.

Omira has worked for eleven years running reading and creative writing workshops for children and adolescents in several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru and Venezuela. She also teach adults storytelling and reading techniques for young audiences.

Using the book as the main subject for storytelling and reading, participant in the worksop discovered the expressive possibilities of language that allowed them to promote the joy of reading in children. Latin American literature, will reinforce youngster their apprecitation and valuation of their roots.

The workshop also provided parents and teachers creative and artistic expression tools, useful when they are reading or telling a story to their children or to young audiences. Participants were familiarized with the act of storytelling in shaping the imagination of children.

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About Omira Bellizzio

Omira Bellizzio Barco de Papel

Omira has been conducting storytelling and creative writing workshops for over 11 years in several Latin American countries. She holds a degree in International Studies from the Central University of Venezuela, Caracas. She obtained a Masters in Literature at the University of Carabobo, Valencia. She is an expert in Reading Promotion, from UNED, Madrid, Spain where she studied as a fellow of the Organization of American States (OAS).

She is a writer, poet, storyteller, cultural promoter and creative writing teacher for children and adolescents. Since December 2011 she produces and directs a poetry jam called Poeta-pop in the University 104.5 FM, a cultural radio station owned by the University of Carabobo.

Her poems, stories and essays were included in various anthologies of Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, Israel, Peru and Venezuela. She has published several volumes of poetry for child and teens by publishers houses of Puerto Rico, Quito, Lima and Caracas. She has participated in festivals and Literary Encounters in Argentina, Bulgaria, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

She keeps an experimental animation workshop of reading and creative writing for children and adolescents and her adult education programs have been taught in schools and organizations in Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Venezuela at public and private level for the past 11 years.  She has won several awards as a poet and storyteller in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Bulgaria and Venezuela.

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