‘Cupid, and the Myth of Love’. Workshop and storytelling

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The story of Cupid and Psyche’s love is one of the most beautiful romances in history and belongs to the Roman tradition. The Centro Cultural Barco de Papel revived in a fun way these mythological personalities by developing a workshop for children and the whole family, to celebrate the month of love and friendship. In this community event, participants learned how Cupid fell in love with the beautiful Psyche and the origins of the heart pierced with an arrow. An arts and crafts workshop followed.

The day dedicated to lovers will not be the same without Cupid, the small god of love in mythology.

Venus (or Aphrodite), goddess of love, was irritated by Psyche’s beauty, a mortal woman, and thus told Cupid (Eros) to have her fall in love with the worst of all men. Unexpectedly, Cupid himself fell in love with Psyche and married her.

Psyche felt quite lonely because her husband only visited her at nighttime. Not only that, Cupid had told her that she must never look at him or their future child would never be immortal. To battle her loneliness, her sisters would visit her.  Psyche’s sisters were quite jealous because she had a lovely home. To harm her, they convinced her that upon her husband’s insistence that he must never be looked at, he most certainly must be a monster.

Very afraid, one night Psyche took a lamp and looked at her husband while he slept. With that, Cupid woke up and left. Psyche, full of regret, looked for him everywhere, finally arriving to Venus’ palace, where she was forced to do labor that was impossible to finish. When she finally reached her last task, she fell into a deathly sleep, but Cupid was able to revive her by taking her to Mount Olympus, where Jupiter made her immortal.

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