Expression, style and narrative workshop

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This writing workshop focused in the analysis of techniques and literary resources used by the most brilliant minds in literature. A practical workshop where literary examples guided the participants in the art of writing with style by means of proper use of the language. “Style, effectiveness, and beauty without affectation brings quality of expression not only in all our daily activities but also in matter-of-fact environments as it is in the business world” said writer and poet Pedro Arturo Estrada, instructor of this workshop.

The art of writing is not only redaction or proper idiomatic rightness. “There is nothing sadder than only correct grammar when we want to express our ideas” once said Cesar Vallejo. That’s why  a workshop that proposes to revise the basic concepts of style and expression when we want to produce quality texts in any genre, is very opportune specially when there is so much emphasis in language. Said Estrada.



About Pedro Estrada

Pedro Arturo Estrada is a poet, writer and essayist. He organized literary workshops in Colombia for many years. He won the National Poetry contest   Ciro Mendía in 2004 and the Casa Silva first prize in 2012, among others. He has published six books for University presses and many texts in magazines, newspapers and websites in Colombia and Latin America.

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