Open Mic. ‘La Otra Orilla (ii)’ (The other side)

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Collective Poetas en Nueva York  and Barco de Papel, organized the event  ‘La Otra Orilla – Micrófono Abierto- (Open Mic- The Other Side)’, with participation of poets and musicians of the area.

“La Otra Orilla” is a social event of celebration, brotherhood, friendship and poetic conversation that presents an alternative platform for storytellers, poets, playwrights and artists. The development of this type of cultural dynamics in Barco de Papel is a way to celebrate and defend the Hispanic culture of young voices in New York City.

During the event, Poetas in Nueva York presented the seventh edition of the cultural newspaper VECINDAD. A Spanish publication dedicated to spread art and literature in New York CIty.

The program started with a street presentation on Diversity Plaza on 37 Road entre las between 74th and 75th streets en Jackson Heights and continued in the bookstore.

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