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mockup 1 Dominican writer based in New York R. A. Ramirez-Baez presented his recently published novel “La misión del hurango’ The Huarango Mission an “exquisite tale that transforms the improbable on a possible imaginary world with a unique storyline and characters ” -statement  by the publisher.

Can you imagine a world ruled by the trees around you? A tree parliament that decides the fate and take fundamental decisions for the universe? ¿Trees that think, speak, get angry and fight enemies? Ramirez-Baez book is that and more. A world and a story about those beings who are not human but quietly act as if they were, without being aware of it.

About the author

RA Ramirez-Baez is a Dominican writer based in New York since 1993. He is also an electromechanical engineer, graduated summa cum laude from the Moscow Energy Institute, Russia. He has taught special classes in the public school system of New York and courses at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and the University Pedro Henriquez Urena (UNPHU). This is his first novel under seal Sitel.


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