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Official launch of the book El Kaleidoscopio de Venus, Poemas de Tránsfer Cinema by Colombian poet and screenwriter Rafael Urrea. His work is a book made up of poems and personal visions of the author, a journey through the American continent with a message of non-violence, using a humanizing language around the reality of Latin America where he use poetic interventions to classic films.

The author introduced the book and read some of the poems. He also talked about the process of creating his work. He explained that the book pages are made up of poems and poetic interventions to classic films, as well as a journey through his life, based on visions of the memory where the violence and extreme injustice of his native Colombia is always present. His verses written from the streets of New York, recall the landscapes of New Hampshire, the mountains of the Colombian coffee zone with its Nevado del Cumanday or the peripheral slums of Medellín.

The author mentioned that his work is explained as a form of encounter between cinema and poetry, an experimental poetry, which pays homage to artists such as Hokusai or personal notes such as a script about punk in Willie Punk and Dalia Fuego, the last minute of punk: “Cinema is a mirror and source of thought, reconstruction of social discourse and memory of sensibility, like a dark cube in the manner of the myth of the cave, where lighting evokes memorable films, by Rainer W. Fassbinder, Andrei Tarkovsky , Win Wenders, Roman Polanski, Vittorio de Sica, Joseph Von Sternberg, Fritz Lang, Jean Francoise Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Guillaume Nicloux, or memories of walking through the streets where films like Panic in Needle Park by Jerry Schatzberg were filmed or evocations of my youth as a film-club member in Ran by Akira Kurosawa”.

About the author

Colombian poet and screenwriter. Author of the books Emperador Invisible Poemas al señor de Tlaxcoco 2000, País de Cintas Rojas 2004, El Caleidoscopio de Venus, Poemas de Tránsfer Cinema 2020, co-writer with Colombian director Víctor Gaviria of the feature films a Mujer del Animal 2016 y Sosiego 2021 , co-writer with director Famor Botero of La Casa de La Niebla 2021, assistant director and producer of the short film Garden of Hope by director Gloria Zelaya, New York 2019, sine 2031 speaker at the Workshop de Guión Cinematográfico Hispanavista The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater New York, teacher at the Screenplay Incubator International Screenplay Workshop, Bolivia-Lab 2020 and 2021. Ibermedia Award for Feature Film Development with Los Fusiles de Bulgaria (Tráfico del Miedo) II – 2007. Director of the documentary El Imposible Azul, la Rumba Cubana de Central Park 2021. Editor of the Los Cuadernos del East Village Manhattan 2020 collection.

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