Gloria Arredondo

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Mexican-American writer Gloria Arredondo presented her most recent book Fases Lunares de Glo (Moon Phases of Glo). She said her most recent book is a kind of farewell to a cycle of her life. After my failed marriage I had to discover all my feminine potential and in that process I built the goodness and virtues of the man with whom I wanted to share my life. The search or the wait for that man allowed me to write everything I have produced so far and Fases Lunares de Glo is the closure of that cycle, but I do not know yet if it is a closure… time will tell everything’.

Before finding the fiber of her writer, she obtained a B.S in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Chicano Studies. Gloria, who currently resides in Utah, is women’s right advocated and social communicator. She has participated in the Utah Arts Festival. In 2020 Ms. Arredondo won the Sor Juana poetry prize from Artes de México en Utah for her poem Origenes. Her publications include Esencia, Elementos de Mujer, Memorias de un Sueño, Decir Basta (Say Enough), and she is a columnist for La Bala and Al Rojo magazines.


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